diamond_quality3Diamond Ring Education

The purpose of my website is to educate people on diamond rings, the quality, the price, and overall an engagement ring solution for men and women. Part of the free guide you have been offered is a Education Center that is hosted by what i would consider the best online jeweler of the twenty first century. Below you will find links to educate yourself on different aspects of a diamond ring, and why some rings and heavily expensive compared to others.

The price of a ring all comes down to the quality of the diamond that you are purchasing. There are two parts when considering an engagement ring, the band and the gem itself. When you’re searching for a engagement rings there are some quality indicators, you need to check the 4C’s of the actual diamond. – Cut – Clarity – Color – Carat Weight
The higher the quality according to the below diagram, influences the price of the ring. Diagram represents expensive diamonds to inexpensive diamonds respectively.



cut_chartDiamond Cut

This is the most important aspect of the diamond, and is the main indicator between a expensive and inexpensive diamond. The cut of the diamond represents how the light reflects within the stone. On the right is an example of a perfectly cut diamond as apposed to a deep and shallow cut diamond.

The Perfect cut diamond will appear to be extremely glamorous in the light and will shine like no other natural element. This is what makes an attractive diamond.

A diamond that has been cut too deep or not enough will have a different shimmering effect when the light bounces within it.

A deeply cut diamond will reflect all the light angles towards the center of the diamond, and a shallow cut diamond will reflect the light outwards. These diamonds although can fulfill the other C’s of quality indication, can be found quite cheap because the Cut of the diamond represents its true value.

Diamond Certification

Almost all jewelers must provide a certificate for the diamond product being sold. This certificate must be of original quality and outline all the aspects and value that the diamond stone holds. Below is a great example: